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About Mr. Money Recycle

Mr. Money Recycle is a platform which provides ALL SORTS OF OPPORTUNITIES to RECYCLE YOUR MONEY. This is a portal meant for people of all ages and caters to the needs of all, whether they are SELLERS or CUSTOMERS.

Mr. Money Recycle is an innovation in the field of MONEY RECYCLING, as here your money is recycled WITHOUT ANY EXTRA EFFORTS. You just have to carry on with your normal day-to-day tasks and we shall ensure that your money spent at various places comes back to you in the best ways possible.


1. Ecommerce Website Creation:

Mr. Money Recycle provides an exclusive ecommerce website to each of its sellers and takes the responsibility of attracting internet traffic using various innovative techniques, which in turn, brings more business to the sellers. Seller’s website has its own domain (www.{sellerccompanyname}.com).

2. City wise selection through Store Locator:

The Store Locator on our website allows customers to look for the retail outlets situated at their location for a particular product category. The customers get a list of our sellers based on their selection criteria. Thus, our sellers stand out from the crowd through this exclusive search. They get highlighted in their respective locations, which in turn, brings more customers to them as compared to their competitors.

3. Online and direct outlet shopping:

The customers can select and purchase products online through the sellers’ website. Even for customers who do not want to shop online, we guide them to reach our sellers’ outlets along with the long list of offers/deals to choose from. This ensures that direct shopping becomes equally money-saving for customers. For our sellers, this is the gateway to pull the customers who were out of their reach so far.

4. Exclusive advertisement:

We provide exclusive advertisement services to our sellers, wherein, we display screen-sized eye-catching advertisements for them on the home page of Mr. Money Recycle.

5. Promotion of offers:

We promote the offers that are provided by the sellers through various channels. The sellers also get the facilities of checking the lists of customers who have shown interest in their offers and seeing the history of purchases made against their offers.

6. Insights into customers’ preferences and future purchase plans:

We consistently work on learning what our customers want from time to time. And, here we bring an opportunity for our sellers to leverage our knowledge in this domain to take marketing decisions proactively. This enables our sellers to capture the prospective customers before anyone else does.

7. Extra source of income:

Our sellers enjoy this privilege of earning unlimited income through advertisements of third parties. They are paid by Mr. Money Recycle for the advertisement contracts they bring in.


1. Health:

On our website, we have a section named ‘HEALTH’, where people can find useful information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here, one can find the most sought after details about different diseases too.

2. Knowledge:

This section ensures that the visitors of the website are regularly updated on the current tech happenings in the world.

3. Recycling of Expenditure:

Mr. Money Recycle ensures that amount the customers spend on purchases made through this website is recycled and returned to them. For this, we manage all such expenditure of our customers and present them with the best ways to get this money back in the upcoming purchases.

4. Latest offers:

Mr. Money Recycle is the place to get free gift vouchers for a number of products and thus enjoy great discounts.

Mr. Money Recycle - Empower Living…..
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